We import high quality sake from Japan.

There are over 1,000 sake breweries in Japan.
Most of them are small breweries and have been catering local people for many years.
Each brewery has a different style and produce several different types of sake.

Our passion is to introduce the magical world of sake.

Sake is brewed just like beer and can easily be damaged by high temperature on its way from Japan on the ship.
Therefore we import our sake to Sweden with refrigerated container or by air to keep the quality.
We are pleased to offer sake to customers in Europe at the same standard as in Japan.

Eiko Anderson is a sake sommelier from Japan. 

She is part of the famous Flying Brewery Beer in Sweden and heads our sake team. She is totally obsessed by giving people a chance to taste the greatest sake in the world.

We have visited each breweries of our product range and keep a very close relationship with them. This means we know the products well and can explain about them to our customers in Europe.

It is surprising how little knowledge people in Europe has about Japanese sake.

Our mission is to educate people about sake and to do so we offer fun and interesting sake tasting events.